My Experience with Tuition Assistance

From the Director: By Sarah O’Dell

In the last issue of TCS Times I mentioned that my children attended The Children’s School from 2 years old to 8 years old. At the time they began here I was in a financial situation where I could afford the tuition and was able to drop them off and pick them up from school every day. By the time my older daughter joined the Primes class, I was in a very different situation and was unable to afford the cost of tuition.

My kids had been through so many changes over the course of the year and it was so difficult to face the prospect of leaving this place that had been the one constant in their lives during such turmoil. The Children’s School had been our home for years. They grew up here among supportive adults that our family had made very close relationships with. How could I move them at this point in their lives? I applied for tuition assistance that year and the following two years and was able to keep my kids at TCS, return to school at Boise State and get back on my feet while my kids remained in this amazing place.

Every year since I have been able to pay it forward with donations to the auction, volunteering, chairing the auction committee or bidding big time! I truly believe that TCS is the best place for young children in Boise but it is not always an option for many families. When you support the auction you are opening a door for a family to have the amazing experience that all TCS families have. I hope this year that I will see all of you there!