We work to help children keep their spontaneity, curiosity and joy of learning. In this view, four qualities are emphasized for healthy child development.

COMPETENCE:   The having of skills and the ability to use them effectively

  • To be able to do, make, think and move – climb, run, balance, pour, catch, draw, cut, sift, sort, fit, count, understand, reason, infer
  • To use language effectively
  • To see similarities and differences
  • To overcome obstacles
  • To be resourceful
  • To be resilient
  • To sense one’s own competence

INDIVIDUALITY: The active declaration of self

  • To become increasingly autonomous
  • To feel self reliant
  • To make choices and develop preferences
  • To initiate activities
  • To take risks
  • To solve problems one’s own way
  • To enter new experiences comfortably
  • To be spontaneous
  • To have feelings and express a range of emotions  appropriately – pleasure, sadness, joy, anger, excitement, fear, affection or surprise
  • To cope constructively with frustrations, fears and anxieties

SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS:   The adapting of oneself to group life

  • To enjoy playing with other children
  • To engage comfortably with adults
  • To accept limits
  • To re-channel impulses
  • To begin to internalize controls
  • To develop sensitivity to others feelings and space
  • To learn to see other points of view
  • To be openly sensitive and responsive

CREATIVITY:  The synthesizing of a wide range of experiences into a variety of expressions; the reasoned as well as intuitive

  • To explore materials freely
  • To play heartily and with deep involvement
  • To solve problems and see alternate possibilities
  • To imagine
  • To express innovative ideas
  • To reflect broadly; hypothesize, suppose