Welcome to the Children’s School

The Children’s School of Boise works to help each child build a strong sense of self, creativity in thinking, expressing, problem solving, and an eagerness to learn.

Our small group settings, excellent teacher-child ratios, a balance of teacher-planned and child-initiated activities help young children develop competence and confidence as learners.

As we celebrate over 40 years, we once again affirm the value of children growing and learning in our stimulating, nurturing environment from toddlerhood through second grade.

Although I expected my children to learn and to make new friends while they were at The Children's School, I never expected to learn so much and make so many new friends myself! I don't know who learned more, my children or me. My sons are now 14 and 11 and I still use the parenting and conflict resolution skills I learned with family, business colleagues and clients! Some of my dearest friends are parents I met while we were at TCS. It is my wish that everyone would have this opportunity. I truly believe my world is a better place because of what I learned and who I met while "I" was at The Children's School.
Janet ParsonsParent
We were not lucky enough to find The Children's School until our son, Andrew, showed us why childcare programs are so important. Andrew had been enrolled in another local child care program for three months and, while it was conveniently located and seemed "good," Andrew was just not excited about going to school. We moved Andrew to the Children's School and witnessed a transformation in Andrew's attitude: he looked forward to school and was excited to tell us about what he did during the school day. Andrew's school experience moved from "good" to "great." I see the impact that The Children's School had on my son Andrew to this day. He still shows the interpersonal skills, confidence, and curiosity The Children's School helped develop in him four years ago. The lessons he learned there are truly lessons of a lifetime. Thank you TCS!
David MeyerParent
This school is a tremendous conduit for children to learn respect, problem solving and thinking on higher levels. It boosters an intrinsic love of learning. Our years at TCS were times when life was simple and cozy and needs were met. TCS nurtures children socially and emotionally, as well as cognitively. TCS protect the tender years so that children are able to grow and blossom to their fullest potential.
Ann HendryParent
My whole family has grown and developed in so many positive ways because of this wonderful school and the people who are part of it.
Treacy and Kurt LiebichParents
Words cannot begin to express how much The Children's School has meant to our child and our family. We have valued and enjoyed this experience from the very beginning. You will always be in our hearts.
Caroline GrayParent
As a parent, there is an extreme amount of pressure to start kids at preschool memorizing facts and figures. I appreciate the fact that The Children's School has resisted the urge to follow that trend. In our 5 years as part of the TCS family my kids learned so much more than letters and numbers. They went into elementary school with a high level of self confidence, creativity, and problem-solving ability. The Children's School focuses on the "big picture" of early childhood education. Memorization might sound impressive at age 3, but hearing preschoolers solve a conflict completely on their own is far more impressive. The staff at the Children's School not only treats each child as an individual, but they are also supportive to the families as a whole. The entire staff are all there to help if a child has a problem, and then to cheer as the child succeeds. I have already witnessed the foundation established at TCS benefiting my children--and I expect it to last a lifetime.
Tiffany KeeleyParent