Younger Primary Class

Monday through Friday 8:00-3:30 (3:30-5:30 option)

Class information: This program is for children born between September 2nd 2016 and March 31st 2017

Tuition: $1,100/month
16 children, 2 teachers

Older Primary Class

M-F 8:00 – 3:30 (3:30-5:30 option)

Primary classes participate in a wide variety of activities on any given day, growing and learning as the result of a carefully structured and integrated curriculum. Teachers provide for age and ability differences through the use of small group instruction. The Project Approach enables children to incorporate reading, math, writing, and research daily throughout the classroom which enriches our studies and brings the world to our classrooms. The ongoing creation of a classroom community also supports this learning approach as peers interact and learn from each other. While these are two distinct groups of children and teachers, proximity of the classrooms serves as an opportunity for shared learning and social experiences.