OP 10/31 – 11/4

Happy November, Older Primes! We are enjoying the changing weather; this week we raked more leaves to jump in, played in wet sand and collected rain water in containers. Last week we worked on making observations and predictions about pumpkins; while talking about all the things that a pumpkin can be used for the class asked if we could bake something. After discussing our ideas and taking a vote we decided to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, they were delicious! This week in math we began counting small objects and using pictures to represent our numbers. We looked at Anno’s counting book then each child made their own counting book.

Working together to fill containers with drips from the rain!



Tracing and Pin-Punching with Metal Insets allows students to create complex shapes and cut them out, requiring attention to detail and precise motor skills.




Throughout our day we have many different ways for children to strengthen their fine motor development. Strengthening this skill will help children with every day tasks such as zipping their coats or holding a writing tool. Some things we enjoyed this week were Legos, play dough, pin punching and waffle blocks.



In math groups this week we  organized small items and represented how many with pictures.



Some OP Students discovered they can climb the pole! Many tried and got so close.