YP Week 6

Week 6 Already!?

Thank you all for sticking with us this summer as we do our best to navigate the new and somewhat uncomfortable guidelines. We keep up our fun, learning, and creativity around the classroom and outside. On Tuesday, the class walked to Memorial park. We had a blast and we were the only group there. We plan on making this a weekly trip for the remainder of our summer semester if circumstances allow. Here are the ideas we shared and acted on together this week:



  • Dinosaur Week! A parent donated some very nice, large dino toys that inspired us this week
  • Block dinosaur forts, block dinosaur computers, and block dinosaur machines
  • Block dinosaur museum
  • Zoob Egyptian museum
  • Zoob ships and monsters piloted by students and their families
  • Glitter art
  • Art eye patches and casts
  • Art kites and vacuums
  • String art zipline
  • Made “blustery wind” on the easel


  • Star Wars role playing, fighting battle droids, saving Chewbacca
  • Took care of a mantis and then let it go after observing
  • Steam roller game
  • Star Wars play on Friday, but it was cut short and we’ll try again Monday


  • Strange Creatures that Really Lived
  • Dinosaur days
  • Snake skin observation
  • Sight word practice

Here are the photos of the week, with a short bonus video!