The Feast: Food, Song, and Community

The Holiday Season has arrived! The Children’s School celebrates Thanksgiving with our traditional Feast at school.

We come together to share a meal and sing some favorite songs.  Each class prepares part of the meal to share with the rest of the classes.  The 2-3s Class celebrates in their classroom during a regular snack time, but with special food. The 3-4s and the All Day Classes gather in the All Day room and, later in the morning, the 3-4-5s, PreK-K and Primes Classes gather in the Primes room. This is the first time in the school year that we build community among separate classes in the school. We have traditional songs that we sing (you’ve probably heard some of them at home). Cindy goes to each class on the days before the Feast and sings these special songs with the children.
In the days leading up to the Feast day, cooking is a primary activity in all classrooms: apples will be peeled, and stewed for applesauce; cream shaken until it turns to yummy butter; and, fresh fruit sliced and chopped for a delicious fruit salad. All these class contributions will be served with pumpkin pancakes prepared by the All Day Class and sausages from the Primes Class. Add a little agave syrup and whipped cream and the Feast is born!!
This is one of the few times that staff and children gather as a larger group–no parents, no siblings, just each other. It often remains as one of the best memories of TCS for children.  Ask your child to sing, “I heard Mr. Turkey Say.” It’s a classic (at least at TCS)!