2020 State of the School

From the Director:  2020 State of the School

By Sarah O’Dell, Executive Director

During this year’s Annual Board Meeting, I began the annual State of the School report with the following, “It’s so fitting to this year that we are meeting via Zoom and are in the midst of school wide shut down. As everyone knows last spring was a unique challenge that TCS (the world) had never faced. The school building was without children for almost 100 days! Rather than focus on all that was accomplished, all that was lost and all that was learned, I want to take this time to talk to you about where we are now.”

Faculty: We have 13 teachers on staff. 11 teachers are continuing with us from previous school years. We are happy to be welcoming Sydney Cosso and Darcie Wickard to our faculty this year. They both come to us with a lot of expertise in the early childhood field. Welcome and welcome back to our TCS Teachers!

Enrollment: Today there are 77 children enrolled at TCS. 42 children are new this year and 20 of those families chose TCS without having a family connection.
Our upcoming challenge this year will be to continue to welcome and recruit new and continuing families as enrollment in schools and early childhood programs continues to fluctuate as parents make the best decision for their families and their children. Welcome and welcome back to our TCS Families!

Parents: P-TCS has a lot of new faces and leadership this year.  They are working hard to connect with you to help build relationships and achieve our  fundraising goals. Thank you, P-TCS!

Building and Grounds: We expected to start an extensive playyard remodel, but it was delayed. TCS is once again gaining momentum to start our last phases of improvements, the PLAYYARD! We hope to break ground this year. Look for more information in an upcoming Annual Giving letter.

Community: We have strengthened our connections and partnerships with the Education Department at BSU and also with the leadership at IAEYC, our local affiliate of NAEYC, our accrediting program. There are a lot of people working behind the scenes that support us in our work during this unprecedented time.

Operations: TCS is celebrating its 40th year! We are so happy to be celebrating our 40th year strong. While we wish we could welcome alumni and current families together in a big celebration, it is not the year for big face-to-face gatherings.   Please join us in our creative endeavors to celebrate the big 4-0! 40th Anniversary t-shirts coming in 2021!

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