TCS Times November 2019

From the Director:  The 2019 Feast

By Nicole Shadduck, Education Director

The TCS Feast is a very special day for children and teachers. It is the first time this school year that we will bring groups of children together to have an experience together as a larger community. We will be opening our doors to you, our TCS Families, for the Winter Holidays Classroom Parties that are held in December.

This Thursday, the Older Part Times, the Younger All Days and the Older All Days will gather in the morning for a morning snack and singing time. The Younger Primes and Older Primes will come together in the afternoon to share foods and songs, too. On the menu are some traditional Thanksgiving foods such as mashed potatoes and corn pudding. Sarah and I will be bringing the pumpkin pies (with whipped cream, of course).

We sing some of our TCS classics. “Over the River” and “Five Fat Turkeys” are some of our favorites. Classes also practice one of their classroom favorites and share a song with the larger group.

Please make sure to check your classroom blogs to see pictures from the Feasts.

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TCS Times November 2019