Enrollment- Looking Ahead

Enrollment time at The Children’s School is underway!

We will be spending a lot of our time in the next several weeks talking with families about their options for the next school year while they ponder sometimes big decisions for their family. Enrollment decisions are something that can be quick, easy choices for some families and more complicated for others. There are developmental needs to consider, family schedules, cost, public, private, charter…the list goes on.

As a teacher, administrator and parent, I know how difficult these decisions can be and if you come to me looking for help in making those decisions I take those conversations very seriously. Each family’s story is different and important. However, as many of you know, I chose The Children’s School for my children from 2.5 years old to their final year in the Primes as second graders. I can’t say that my opinion will be unbiased. It does come from experience and deeply held beliefs about early childhood, not blind faith in TCS. I had moments of doubt: “If she doesn’t get in at Kindergarten, she might not get in ever!” “Won’t it be too hard for her to transition at 3rd grade when everyone else has been there for three years!?” and I hate to admit this one, “Will she be academically ready for 3rd grade?!” But each year I continued to choose The Children’s School because my deeply held beliefs about a young child’s experience in school won out over the pressure.

I love what this school provided for my two (very different) daughters. The foundation that TCS gave them is a priceless gift that will carry them into adulthood. I would be happy to share what it was like for my children to move to our neighborhood school in 3rd grade or connect you with families who have made different decisions. Each child and their family is unique and I look forward to supporting you and your child in whatever you choose.