Why Age 8?

Why age 8?

By Sarah O’Dell, Executive Director

It is that time of year again when families begin to make plans for summer and look ahead to the next school year. Whether your children are continuing at TCS or moving to a new school, there is a ‘buzz’ in the air. It may be due to the weather or the excitement (or dread) of something new. A question that is often asked this time of year is, “Will my child be ready for … and why can children stay at TCS through age 8?”

While every child has their own story, we can answer, ‘Why age 8?’

When thinking about this month’s article, I came across an article in our teacher handbook. Enjoy this writing from our archives that applies to children of today.

Transition from The Children’s School A smooth transition into traditional elementary programs is assured when children have a strong sense of self-esteem, feel competent, independent and can comfortably interact with other children and adults.

Developmentally, around age eight, children reach a stage of intellectual, social and emotional synthesis and stability. Children are now strong enough in themselves to sustain their own urge to learn and master skills, to maintain their self-esteem and individuality, and not be diminished by the formality of larger institutions.

In addition to personal confidence is a child’s sense of academic confidence. Children by eight have also had the necessary time it takes to develop solid writing and reading skills. The learning environment at The Children’s School supports individual styles of learning and respects personal motivation to ensure that writing and reading become integrated soundly rather than being just a mechanical performance.

Parents through the years have reported that children moving from The Children’s School often excel in their new schools, both academically and socially. This is what should be expected when children have had the full amount of time to experience maximum growth during the critical early years.