As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary we are reaching out to our community to ask: Will you please consider a donation toward a new, revitalized TCS play yard? Many years of intense play, construction, and thousands of little feet have our play-yards looking “over-loved” and tired.

At The Children’s School, outside time spans a variety of activities. Outside time at TCS involves bike riding, tree climbing, chasing games, and sledding. But outside isn’t only for big play. It’s time to build a cozy nook with hollow blocks; gather acorns and crab apples for an inspired art installation, craft a habitat for creatures both imaginary and real. The bike path is the perfect place to prop up the wheel barrow to sell mud pies or ice cream from the “window” with a currency of leaves. The sand box is ideal for engineering complicated feats of hydrology. The rock mountain gives a secure pinnacle to start your day as you wave goodbye to your grownup when they drive away.