Parent-Toddler May 6-14, 2019

Dear Families,

The school year is almost over! It has been a remarkable experience to witness the physical, emotional, and cognitive growth that occurred throughout the year. Children enhanced their  fine motor and gross motor skills, social skills, and  conflict resolution skills. They were exposed to a variety of sensory experiences, provided opportunities to be creative, and encouraged to wonder.

Last week,  we took care of  our Mother’s Day plants by learning how to water them with eye droppers. The children have been using the binoculars frequently, and so we decided to make some out of our paper towel tubes. They have been very interested in the items on our science shelf and have spent time examining the shells and rocks. They used their senses to smell the sand dollar, and have been trying to listen for the ocean inside the shells.

The children have shown more interest in putting the puzzles together, and have been persistent in trying to find the right spot for each piece. They also enjoyed making puppets and cooking and serving food in the kitchen. At the play dough table, some of the children used the new, pink play dough to make their baby sisters!

In the block area, the children have been busy stacking blocks, both horizontally and vertically, and building with train tracks, Magna Tiles, and bristle blocks.

The sensory table has been filled with soil. Last week, the children dug, raked, and uncovered animals. This week, they explored with live worms, learning how to pick them up and hold them carefully.

Outside, the children have enjoyed taking their shoes off in the sandbox, playing chasing games, building with the outdoor blocks, bouncing on the big blue ball, and playing Ring Around the Rosey.

Our last day of school is Tuesday, May 21st. We will celebrate with a Rootbeer Float Party! Meet us on the Main Yard at 10:15 to enjoy this time with your child. All are welcome.

We would like to congratulate Sawyer on becoming a big sister as we welcome her baby brother, Joseph James, into the world.

This will be our final blog post of the year. Thank you again for the thoughtful gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you for sharing your precious children with us. It has been an unforgettable year and we have bonded with each and every child. We hope you make wonderful memories this summer!