Parent-Toddler April 22-30, 2019

Dear Families,

We have had so much fun these past two weeks. The children have really enjoyed the beautiful weather during Outside Time. They have looked for worms, noticed the tulips, drew with sidewalk chalk, built with the outdoor blocks, went down the slide in different ways, and dug in the sand pit. We played multiple rounds of Ring Around the Rosey together, and the children were especially fond of the”falling down” part.

Inside, the children built towers with the blocks and Magna Tiles. Their structures are becoming much larger and more elaborate. They are able to put the puzzles together successfully, and their play dough creations have become more complex. Last week, some of the children made play dough moms and dads. The children love to prepare and serve food in the kitchen area. This week, dressing up in play shoes and glasses was a popular activity.

Last week during Outside Time the children noticed the decorated CDs that were hanging from the trees. They showed interest in making their own, and so we did, and hung them on the climbing tree in the Side Yard. The children also decorated flower pots, filled them with soil, and planted sunflower seeds.

The sensory table was filled with soil, silk flowers, shovels, pots, rubber insects and tweezers. The children enjoyed scooping the soil into pots and planting flowers. They picked up the rubber insects with the tweezers and placed them in cups.



Our last day of school is May 21. We will celebrate with a Rootbeer Float Party! More details to come!

All School Campout  Friday-Sunday, May 17th-19th