Older All Days (10/02-10/05)

We started this week by focusing more on literacy development, especially letters. OAD teachers used any moment to encourage children about letters and everything related to literacy development. For example, when children were at the art table and finished with art, we encourage to write their name or if we wrote their name, we spell each letter. Writing letters was open all the week with alphabet cards and different writing materials each day. Whiteboards with markers, chalkboards with chalks, notebooks with pencils and, a clipboard with papers. The library was busy every day with children who had a book in hand. It was a great week full of joying in letters and sounds in all areas and conversations!

Early literacy refers to the development of skills students need in order to transition from learning to read, to reading to learn. These skills include vocabulary, phonics, language, and numeracy, to name a few. Early literacy gives students the foundation they need in order to learn and grow.

6 Early Literacy Skills

  • Print Motivation.
  • Print Awareness.
  • Letter Knowledge.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Narrative Skills.
  • Phonological Awareness.


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