OAD 06/06-06/10 Sensory Play!

Our classroom has eased right (back) into routine! Children have been busy investigating insects that they find outside, creating restaurants in the dramatic play area, constructing ramps to experiment with speed, and painting and drawing creation after creation. I’ve been delighted to see that all of the children- OADs from the school year and newer OADs- have really blended together in the classroom throughout this play! If you’d like a glimpse of our week, check out our June album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hWffLgos1CTMCy3g7

This week, our classroom has also been particularly rich in different sensory experiences. On a few occasions we’ve flooded the sandbox to “wash” rocks with sponges and build dams, we’ve explored with scented playdough that we joyfully added sprinkles to, and we washed and scrubbed loose parts in sensory tubs. At TCS, we love messy, hands-on play for good reason – it’s good for children! I wanted to share one of my favorite articles to send out about messy, sensory play: https://www.educationalplaycare.com/blog/sensory-play-important-development/

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!