Letter to TCS Community – Retirement

Letter to TCS Community – Retirement

By Cindy Finch

Dear Current and Alumni TCS Families,

It is with a great deal of professional satisfaction and a bit of personal sadness that I announce that the 2015-2016 school year will be a transition year for me. I have let the Board of Directors, Faculty, and Staff know that I will be retiring in May 2016 from what I have often called the best early childhood job in Boise.  My timing is based on personal and professional reasons.

Personally, my husband retired a year ago. We look forward to sharing quality time and many adventures together in the upcoming years. Additionally, we have children who live away from Boise who don’t mind welcoming us to their homes on occasion, and an aging parent who can use some extra support in the upcoming years.

More important to the school community, there are carefully considered professional reasons for this timing. I always have the NAEYC accreditation calendar in my head. In January 2016, we will be two years away from our renewal date. I want to give a new director a chance to work with the school community and provide leadership in preparation for this important site visit. Further, we are very close to achieving our building goals. It remains my hope that the building will be completed over the next year, but at the very least, I will be here as the Board makes decisions that directly impact the future of the schools facility and programs.

Finally, I want to step into a support role as administrative decisions and plans are made for the 2016-2017 school year, especially those involving teaching teams, class offerings, classroom assignments, and program scheduling. To that end, I will work full-time during the Fall of 2015 and part-time, alongside a new Director, during the Spring of 2016. A Board Search Committee is already working and the position opening will be announced within days, as explained in the enclosed letter from our Board President, Liz Edrich.

It has been my pleasure to work with you (and ALL the children and families of the 23 years I’ve been involved with TCS classes). I look forward to sharing this last year of my involvement at TCS with you all, and creating the sort of transition year for the school that leads to a wonderful future for this amazing place.


Cindy Finch – Director