Week of 6/21

This week the Younger Primes had an exciting SHORT week 🙂 Inside of the classroom, the children were very interested in using beads and string to create rings, bracelets, and necklaces. They used to sharpies and watercolors to create their own...


Summer Primes (6/20-6/24)

Hello Older Primes Families!  This week we worked on a lot of projects. The class favorite was Oobleck. The simple combination of water, cornstarch, and food coloring to create a fun non-Newtonian fluid.  We had lots of fun during our water day...


Protected: Outdoor Play in the Older All Days

You might know that children in our class have been excited for the change in weather. They might change their minds when we hit the 100s, but for now, they are able to stay out longer without getting rained out or being too cold to enjoy themselves. The Children's School philosophy talks a lot aboutMore

YAD 6/21-6/24

What we did this week in Andy’s class: This week we had many opportunities for water play indoors and outdoors. Outside we ran water down the slide to help cool it off, we also sprayed the sand, sidewalk, and grass with water to help cool...


Summer Older Primes

Hello Older Prime Families! This week we have been doing lots of exploring! There has been a fossil and rock display out this week that has had lots of attention. With a book on rocks close by we have been able to identify and compare many...


Week of 6/13

Hello Younger Primes Families! We had a terrific week, full of hands on experiences! Inside the classroom this week – the children have dived deeper into playing doctor in the dramatic play. They’ve been busy creating elaborate...


YAD 6/13-6/17

What we did this week in Andy’s class: Another amazing week of summer has flown by. This week we filled it with water play on our hot days. We took the hose and set it up at the top of the rock river and let the water flow. It made a great...