P-TCS Meeting Minutes 9-11-19

Present: Angie Fuller, Alissa Gold, Cynthia Woods, Betsy Post, Tamera Tate, Sarah O’Dell, Suzy Stride, Lily Marshall, Lindsey Cassidy, Anja Heidenreich

Treasury Report: Suzy Stride
● Biggest expenses from PTCS funds in 2018: teacher appreciation, tshirts, photo directory
● $28,000 given to tuition assistance from 2018-2019 auction
● $27,000 given to tuition assistance in 2017-2018 year
● Starting balance for 2019-2020 is $10,313.87
● Goal is to keep $5,000 in the reserves
● Suzy will update budget and email it for approval via email

Financials Review: Angie.
● Teacher Appreciation: per Sarah, The holiday meal and wine were much appreciated by the teachers. Could spend more on little things (candy, fun surprises downstairs, etc.) and less on the meal — teachers seem to appreciate the little things throughout the year more and kind words more than anything.
○ Idea: Have teachers fill out a survey of their favorite things (favorite coffee, where to buy a gift card, etc.) and use that as a guide for teacher appreciation; class reps could distribute these to parents.
● T-Shirts:
○ For all kids and teachers, would be about $750 (similar to last year) through Idaho Screen Print
■ About $6/shirt
○ Ideas: “fund a shirt” for a teacher to help offset cost, buy a shirt at the carnival
● Photo directory: about $350 to print
○ Sept. 17th deadline to send in pictures and will be out early October
● Parent Ed: about $200 for l
○ 3 parent eds this year
● Sales Tax: if we have our ID# we can be sales tax exempt (when buying for auction, carnival, etc.)
○ Cash and Carry and Costco have tax exempt info on file
○ Individual pays sales tax when they buy things (for example, an item at the auction)
● We have an overage of about $5,000 and we are planning on spending about $1,400 of that overage.
○ 10% of the auction money goes to either P-TCS or TCS depending on who needs it and 90% goes to TCS for tuition assistance. Last year we didn’t keep 10% but the year before (17-18 school year) we did (which is where the bulk of the $5,000 overage came from).
○ Have a conversation every year about where the 10% will go. Every couple years PTCS could retain this 10% for our operating money for a couple years.
● Plaque for the Peace Pole: make plaque now and add an expense line for it
○ Have 2 made: add $100 to budget. Waiting for school yard rebuild before placing peace pole and plaque. Plaque will say Donated by TCS Families, 2019 – or something similar.
● Plant a Tree: add $230 to budget, money was raised for Cindy Finch when she retired. Waiting for school yard rebuild before planting tree.
● Will do an email approval of the budget when changes have been made.

● Carnival: goal is to do the same thing every year, streamline the process of
● Open Positions: carnival understudy, auction understudy, play date/book sale (coordinating, advertising and showing up to play dates / contacting Rediscovered Books and they set up a book sale in the lounge — 20% of the proceeds go to TCS as a credit at Rediscovered Books; still have about $400 left in credit from last year as well as 20% off when purchasing from them)

Carnival: September 19 meeting
● Oct 19th 2 – 5pm
● Snacks
● Bake sale: Do away with it? It’s a lot of work for not a lot of money.
● Focus on honor bar more?
● Discuss registration/suggested donation idea at the carnival meeting

TCS Directors Report: Sarah
● Potlucks: have been well-attended except for Older All Days
● Off to a good start with enrollment
● Older part-times has 10 kids (4 openings) and Older Primes has 14 kids (4 openings)
● End of year board meeting in August: 5 people, no major discussions
○ communications committee: how we communicate with parents/community
○ facilities committee: had final planning meeting with Stack Rock Group and have plans for revamps for the outside spaces; when final design is made will talk to communication committee about how to put it out there. 2 mortgages will be refinanced and will put money in reserves to pay for it; likely won’t need a capital campaign
■ EST. $150,000 – $200,000
■ Will remodel in phases
○ curriculum committee: hasn’t met yet
○ Staff development and retention committee: looks at raising teacher wages, getting good benefits for teachers, create a good culture for teachers — make culture and wages equivalent; teacher wages have gone up in the past 3 years (spent an additional $100,000 per year)
● Maite: hired as a mentor-in-residence for the 2019-2020 school year, works 3 days a week and supports new teachers
● 100% retention of teachers this year!

● Times for P-TCS meeting: keep the morning time for the year
● Post minutes online: Alissa will email for approval and Sarah will post online